Geoff Nossiter

Jul 252017

“Cold Capture” is one of a number of new music tracks I’m currently working on under the collective title of “Winter Suite”. They are all in a style of modern classical with a cinematic and ambient feel. For the video I had the idea of creating a sort of moving glitchy landscape painting that conveys the solemn beauty of desolate winter landscapes.

Video packages used:

Magic Music Visuals ( used for the generation of most of the animated clips timed to the music.

Hitfilm 2017 ( for compiling the clips and producing the final video.

Music composition and production:

DAW: Ableton Live 9 (

VST Instruments:
Spitfire Audio: ( – Albion (legacy), Olafur Arnolds Evolutions.
Spectrasonics: ( – Omnisphere 2.0
Native Instruments: ( – Komplete Ultimate.


Geoff Nossiter Website: (

Jul 252017


*WARNING FLASHING IMAGES* An original music composition composed and produced by myself driving a number of internal graphics scene modules within “Magic” music visualiser software (see: –

Shaders used within Magic; Cosplay, Bwconcentriccirleparts.txt, Bwnoodlespace.txt, electricamoebatunnel.txt, Bwmoria_gears.txt.

Together with some custom video files of my own and processed through various 2D VDMX and internal Magic effects modules.

These were then cut-up and reassembled within ‘HitFilm 4 Express’ (see:- to produce the final video.

Jul 252017

This video is based on one shocking fact; The global human population in 1927 was 2 billion and by 2011 it was 7 billion. The UN prediction for 2025 (in 2011) was that 8 billion people would populate the Earth, leading to increasing pollution and environmental damage together with raw material, food and drinking water shortages, as well as a growth in political and religious unrest and conflict. Will solutions be found and will countries work together to solve our global issues or will we remain ‘Sleep Walking into Oblivion’ ?

Video packages used:

Magic Music Visuals ( used for the generation of most of the animated clips timed to the music.

Black Magic Design Fusion (…) for additional graphics fx and animated text.

Black Magic Design Davinci Resolve 12.5 (…) final edit and delivery.

Jan 262016

This piece of music is a bit of a change in style for me and reminded me of when I used to play guitar in Hartlepool Jazz Club in the 60’s – Alex Hand and his other band members used to play some dam fine ‘improv’ jazz. Having completed the music I was looking for some inspiration for visuals and thought the slight melancholic feel would go with some old film of circa 1930/50’s depicting homeless/jobless, etc.

Scanning through old documentary films in the ‘Prelinger Archive’ [see] I stumbled across an old film of the Salvation Army Mission in San Francisco produced around 1956.

The film depicts an area of San Francisco, now demolished and redeveloped, in and around the former “Skid Row” area. Homeless and alcoholic men gather and listen to religious speeches and are marched through the streets to the mission where they are given the opportunity to ‘mend their ways’ and a meal for much needed sustenance.

Jan 072016

My first project completed using Magic Music Visuals with final editing being completed in HitFilm Express 3. The music is one of my latest compositions and produced by myself.  I’ve been looking for a program such as Magic for a longtime and tried many alternatives, however this is without doubt one of the best currently available!!

Mar 182013

This is a piece I had just started to compose when I heard the news of Neil Armstrong’s death and somehow the more the music developed the more it seemed to fit with the memory of the Apollo program, the Space Race and the rapid changes we’ve experienced since. I can vividly remember sitting with my Dad and younger brother around a small black and white set watching a white blob (Neil Armstrong) slowly descending down the lunar module and placing a fist human foot on an alien world – how on earth did they achieve that in 1969. It was such a positive era after that and anything seemed possible, most of us were convinced that by the year 2010 man would be farming on Mars!

Mar 152013

One of my latest pieces set to a video mash-up I did as an experiment. Produced and composed in Ableton Live 9 using mostly Spectrasonics Omnisphere VST software instrument (my favourite softsynth) and some additional processing and manipulation using Live’s audio effects as well as the odd time-stretch, etc.